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Business in Slovakia, first contact

Four years and a couple of months, that’s how long I’ve been in Bratislava. Roughly the duration of WWI. One of my first lectures in Slovakia was about letters Slovak soldiers wrote home during 1914-1918. A box of these letters was found some years ago in a town hall. These letters were blocked by the Military Censor of the Austrian-Hungarian Imperial Army. The letters weren’t easy to read, because they were written in Slovak, using Hungarian grammar. During and after this lecture I realised: I hardly know anything of Czechoslovak history, particularly Slovak. And my home is only 1,000 km away.

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Slovakia: A maze of uncertainty?

Slovakia is still recovering from a political crisis and public outrage triggered by the killing of journalist Jan Kuciak in February who had been investigating organised criminal activity and corruption in the country. However, overcoming institutional stagnation and clientelist networks – and the associated business risks – will require political will, something that remains largely absent.

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