The Netherlands Chamber of Commerce in the Slovak Republic is the right place for companies wishing to do business with Dutch and Slovak companies. Discover more about the Chamber on our new website!



The Chamber organises around 35 events annually. The events focus on networking, corporate social responsibility, exchange of information, know-how and experience. Among our top events are Patron’s Dinner, King’s Day Celebration, unique regional conferences and Traditional Annual Charity Gala Dinner.


Become a member

The Netherlands Chamber is the largest business platform connecting Dutch and Slovak companies, institutions and authorities. As a member you benefit from our contacts with local authorities, government and institutes. You will have access to a wide range of seminars, network events and field trips.



The Bulletin magazine is our quarterly high level magazine reporting on the activities of the members and the Chamber. In the magazine, we publish the latest news, tax, political and legal updates, inform about the business climate, and cover many topics and personalities relevant for our members.


We welcome individual entrepreneurs and companies of any nationality to become members and seek for business opportunities within the chamber.


Our members appreciate access to a great variety of local and foreign business partners. Chamber members who share common interests, issues and challenges can approach the government or authorities as a compelling, effective voice to support continual development of the business environment in Slovakia. Chamber organizes variety of regularly scheduled events. By attending these events, members have an opportunity to reach important contacts to potentiate their business activities and become more visible in the business environment. One of the most significant pillars of Chamber is acting as a valuable, reliable and consistent source of a great variety of information. Our bulletin, this website and networking are just some of the ways we provide information to our members.