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Businesses in the circular economy

The term “circular economy” has become more and more frequent in everyday vocabulary. The circular economy can be defined as a new way of thinking, even a new business model – a system that continuously reuses materials to create added value. A system that can help to tackle the consequences of climate change, and also improves the quality of life. A transition to circular economy calls for a profound change in the way we work and produce, as well, as we design, teach, invest, and buy.

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Business Lease has launched a unique office sharing and circular economy concept

As the first leasing provider in Slovakia, Business Lease Slovakia is introducing not only innovation in mobility but also a pioneering model of operation and responsible business practices. A leader in innovation and comprehensive solutions for corporate mobility in Slovakia. This is one of the characteristics earned by Business Lease Slovakia. Last year, at the occasion of the 20th anniversary of its operation in Slovakia, Business Lease launched several innovative solutions for corporate mobility offered as a one-stop-shop concept.

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