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Driving change: how banks can support the transition to a circular economy

The concept of the circular economy has become an increasingly popular business model in recent years. But despite its obviousness, widespread implementation still has a long way to go. In order to start realizing this vision, we need to first understand exactly what it means to move from a linear to a circular model and how banks and other financial institutions can accelerate this transition. 

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How an external financial manager can save you money

The outsourcing of accounting, outsourcing of payroll, labour, marketing, legal services, production and many other activities is already standard for most companies. The usage of external professionals is more effective in today’s situation, due to the business significant increase, merges and acquisitions. The time when sufficient managerial knowledge for the owners of small and medium-sized businesses was the knowledge of the bank account balance and the amount of unpaid invoices, is gone for good. However, qualified experts that can guide you in your complex decision-making are missing on the market.

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